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NYC Local Law 79 of 2016 in New York requires that all single-occupant bathrooms be made available to people of all genders in the City Of New York. This law applies ensures gender neutral bathrooms are available to all individuals where all single-occupant bathrooms must be made available to people of All Genders without exception on the basis of gender.


NYC Local Law 79 of 2016

The Local Law 79 of 2016 for gender neutral bathrooms applies to single-occupant bathrooms as defined below:

SINGLE-OCCUPANT TOILET ROOM. A toilet room with no more than one water closet and no more than one urinal.
Exception: A toilet room with one urinal and a door to such room that is not securable from within.

This Law does not apply to multiple occupant bathrooms. There are no design changes required for the bathrooms except for signage. Gender neutral bathroom signs must be posted and establishments may not discriminate an individuals use of these bathrooms on the basis of gender identity.


NYC DOB Requirements for Gender Neutral Bathrooms

All bathrooms that qualify must be made available and compliant with regards to bathroom signs. This applies to new bathrooms and retroactively applies to existing bathroom.

For more information see the following:


NYC Local Law 79 of 2016

This law outlines the definition and applicability of gender neutral bathrooms and single-occupant toilet rooms.


NYC Department Of Buildings, Buildings Bulletin 2019-003

BB2019-004 contains the NYC DOB requirements for gender neutral bathroom signs.


Gender Neutral Bathroom Sign

Below is an example of a gender neutral bathroom sign. New York City code has specific requirements for the size of the sign, graphics, and font on the sign as well as placement. Notice the wording on the sign is “All Gender Restroom”. This is to avoid any confusion on gender identity and insure that nobody can be discriminated against on the basis of gender identity.  These bathrooms are for ALL GENDERS.


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