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When applying for a newsstand you must provide drawings of the location and stand showing clearances as specified in the Department Of Consumer Affairs Regulations.


  • Scale Drawings
  • Drawing Submission Requirements
  • Landowners Consent
  • Photos of Site


Scale Drawings for Newsstand Application

When applying for a newsstand you must provide drawings of the location and stand showing clearances as specified in the Department Of Consumer Affairs Regulations.

Basic Newsstand Requirements

A Newsstand cannot be more than 72 square feet and a maximum of 9 feet in height. Special sizes apply to newsstands near subway entrances. Newsstands cannot be under fire escapes, a bus shelter or blocking a taxi stand, and cannot be placed in a location that restricts pedestrian flow.

Required clearance from the proposed newsstand:

  • Access Plates- 2′
  • Automated Public Toilets- 15′
  • Building Vaults- 2′
  • Bus Shelters- 15′
  • Cellar Doors- 2′
  • Curbs- 1’6″
  • Curb Cuts- 15′
  • Elevator Lobby of a Building- 15′
  • Entrances to Houses of Worship- 15′
  • Fire Hydrants- 10′
  • Governmental Buildings- 15′
  • Information Kiosks- 15′
  • Litter Baskets/Mailboxes- 2′
  • Manholes- 2′
  • Newsstands- 15′
  • Parking Meters- 2′
  • Property lines extended at intersection of two streets- 10′
  • Service or Freight Entrances- 10′
  • Siamese Connections- 10′
  • Sidewalk Cafes- 15′
  • Standpipes- 10′
  • Street Lights- 3′
  • Street Signs- 2′
  • Subway Entrances/Exits- 15′
  • Telephones- 2′
  • Traffic Signal Poles- 3′
  • Transformer Vaults- 2′
  • Tree Pit- 5′
  • The trunk of any tree (in any direction) or canopy- 5′
  • Ventilation or Other Grills- 2′
  • All other retail entrances and building entrances- 5′

Drawing Submission Requirements

6 copies on a maximum of 11 x 17 tabloid size paper to be submitted. The drawings must be at 1/4″ = 1′-0″ scale. All obstructions within 25 feet of the proposed location must be shown with clearances identified.

Landowners Consent 

A proposed newsstand within 3 feet of a property line must have written consent from the property owner.

Photos Of Site 

The application requires eight 5″ x 7″ color photos. The photo locations must be keyed on the plans.

  • Left Side
  • Right Side
  • Front 2 Photos
  • Back 2 Photos
  • From Across the Street 2 photos


NYC Newsstand Application 

As an architect I study the New York City requirements and protocols closely, but these are complicated and quite involved. In this article, we reviewed some of the basic issues with regards to Filing a Newsstand application plan in NYC. This post does not assume to cover every possible issue or condition, but provide a general overview.


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Jorge Fontan

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