Concrete House Bayfield

Poured in Place Concrete House

Far Rockaway, New York, NY

This house is in Far Rockaway, NY, which is an area that was heavily affected by Super Storm Sandy. The original house was badly damaged by Sandy and was subsequently torn down. The property was developed with the Build It Back Program in New York. 

The house is built close to the water and is within the flood zone. Therefore, we used concrete columns to elevate the house as a flood zone design feature. The idea was to build a house that would be sustainable and would survive a future flood. It is built with poured-in-place concrete bearing walls, columns, beams, and floors for maximum durability. The entire exterior of the house is concrete, including the floor slabs, with the exception of the standing seam metal roof.

The concrete was left exposed and raw for its modern and industrial look. Concrete houses are currently growing in popularity for a multitude of reasons, including durability and aesthetics. If you want to learn more or get an in-depth look into concrete house construction, we have a blog post about building concrete houses.





Modern Concrete House Design
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