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The Special Forest Hills District in Queens is one of New York City’s many special zoning districts. Within this district there are special zoning regulations that go beyond the typical requirements of the NYC Zoning Resolution.

The following are some of the special regulations for the Forest Hills Queens Zoning District.

  • Special Use Requirements
  • Transparency
  • Bulk Regulations


Special Forest Hills Zoning Regulations


Special Use Requirements in Forest Hills

On certain areas the first floor must have commercial or community facility uses. For example some parts of Austin Street and 71st Ave. The commercial and community facility uses must be allowed by the Underlying Zoning District.

Within the applicable areas there are certain additional commercial uses permitted that would not otherwise be allowed.

The Zoning Resolution typical prohibits commercial uses and residential uses on the same floor within a mixed use building. In this special district, there are some instances where this is available, specifically, where there is no access between the two different uses. Commercial uses are not allowed above residential uses without authorization by the City Planning Commission.

Transparency Requirements

Zoning can affect building design in many ways. In the Special Forest Hills Zoning District, there are transparency requirements for certain types of buildings that determine how much glass must be used on a building facade.

Bulk Regulations

The building bulk is the general shape and size of a building. The special district has some bulk regulations beyond the typical underlying district requirements.

In commercial zoning districts, the Floor Area Ratio is modified from the underlying district.

Rear yards are not required for commercial or community facility use in C2-3 Zoning in the Forest Hills Special District.

There are also height and setback regulations. Building must comply with the Quality Housing Program height and setback requirements with some exceptions.

In C4-4A Zoning within the Special Forest Hills District, the maximum street wall base height is 60 feet and the maximum building height is 70 feet.

In C4-5X Zoning within the Forest Hills District west of 70th Road, the minimum base height is 40 feet and the maximum is 60 feet. The maximum building height is 120 feet with some exceptions. In some cases it will be 80 feet.


Queens Special Forest Hills Zoning District

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