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 Fontan Architecture is a New York architecture firm focused on blending aesthetics and creativity with the technical and material realities of design and construction. We work closely with our clients to achieve projects that fulfill their needs, creates a space they can be proud of, and maintains a balance with the environment in the most sustainable manner possible. Our work includes residential and commercial projects such as renovations, new homes, and building developments.

We provide full architectural services and interior design. To speak with an architect please contact our Manhattan Office at (212) 321-0194 or you can visit our Contact Page.

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How to Elevate an Ikea Kitchen

Ikea kitchens are an affordable option for many people, which is why they are so popular. The biggest problem with this more affordable option is that it can end up looking cheap. When designing an affordable kitchen, it is still important to make the design good,...

Masculine Interior Design Ideas

  Add Texture One of the most clear ways to add a sense of Masculinity to home is with raw textures. Avoid polished materials and go for more of an unfinished imperfect look. This can really shout masculinity. A lack of refinement can be a good thing in some...

Living Room Decorating Ideas From NYC Apartments

  Artwork  One of the best ways to transform a space is to add artwork. Hanging art on your living room walls will add beauty, color, character, and can help showcase your individuality. Not all people are big on artwork for the home, but this is a really great...

Architectural Characteristics of NYC Lofts

Loft apartments in New York City are a highly sought after portion of the city's real estate stock. These unique apartments can be found in certain areas such as Tribeca, SoHo, Chelsea, and NoMad. These are typically high end residential units whose architectural...

2021 Residential Design Trends

When considering the upcoming year and what trends we can expect to see in home and apartment design we must reflect on what changes we have seen in the past year. People are spending more time at home and therefore require residential spaces that are more conducive...

Exposed Brick Interior Ideas

Exposed Brick Interior Ideas

As an architect in New York, people often ask me about exposed brick in their homes and apartments. They want to know why exposed brick might be a good option, and why there is such a cachet around exposing bricks in New York City. In the nineteenth and early...

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