Why You Need a GFCI in a Bathroom?

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Do You Need a GFCI in Your Bathroom?

You need to install GFCI / GFI outlets in your bathroom because bathrooms are wet areas, and GFCI outlets will automatically shut off if water comes in contact with the electrical current. Building and Electrical Codes typically require at least one GFCI per bathroom and prohibit the installation of any non-GFCI outlets in wet areas such as bathrooms.  

I am Jorge Fontan, an architect in New York and owner of Fontan Architecture. I will review the general requirements for Ground Fault Interrupter Outlets and why they are important. You should always use competent, reputable, licensed, and insured professionals when performing any work on your home. 


What is a GFCI Outlet?

A GFCI outlet is a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlet, also known as a GFI. These outlets automatically shut off in case of an electric short to prevent dangerous and potentially deadly electric shock.

An example of when a GFCI would shut off is when water comes in contact with the electrical current. The safety feature in the outlet will trigger and cut off the electric supply. These are used for safety in wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

When a GFCI outlet is triggered, you must press a button on the outlet to reset the power. If the problem remains, it will continue to shut off, preventing electricity from flowing through the outlet.


GFCI Outlets and Electrical Codes For Bathrooms

Electrical Codes require all outlets in wet areas, such as bathrooms, to be GFCI outlets. Additionally, you must have at least one outlet per bathroom. Therefore you need to have a minimum of at least one GFCI per bathroom.

The following is a quote from the NFPA NEC. (NFPA stands for National Fire Protection Assassination, and NEC stands for National Electrical Code).

“(A) Dwelling Units. … receptacles installed in the locations specified in 210.8(A)(1) through (10) shall have ground-fault circuit interrupter protection for personnel. (1) Bathrooms …”


Why GFCI Outlets are Important

GFCI outlets are a safety feature that is critical for all wet areas. Before beginning work, make sure your team has acquired all necessary permits. All electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician and pass all required inspections.

GFI Outlet in Bathroom

GFI Outlet in Bathroom


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Jorge Fontan

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