Chelsea Loft Renovation & Bathroom Addition

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In this blog post, I will be discussing a Chelsea bathroom renovation that we did recently.

The owner of this loft in Chelsea only had one bathroom. They wanted to add a second bathroom and a new laundry closet to the loft, as well as making a few other miscellaneous renovations. They called me as they knew they would need an architect for their renovation. We assessed the existing conditions and came up with a plan to add a small second bathroom with a shower, renovating the existing bathroom, and performing all other minor upgrades.


Bathroom Renovation


Chelsea Loft Bathroom Renovation

The client’s first bathroom was all white. Some people love all white bathrooms, but many do not. The client wanted a more textured feel. In the picture below, you can see the master bathroom with a weathered porcelain tile. Porcelain tiles are great for bathrooms, as they are durable, non porous and come in countless finishes.

The wall mounted Toto toilet was used in this bathroom for multiple reasons. Wall mounted toilets are more modern and easy to clean, and aesthetics also play a major role in this decision. A less known advantage of wall mounted toilets is that in renovations, due to the manner of the installation, they allow more freedom in the location of the toilet as they do not require a drain in the floor. With a wall mounted toilet you can, within reason,  move the location in the renovation with less hassle than a floor mounted toilet.

One other great feature is the thermostat on the wall. We added radiant heat floors to the bathrooms. Having a nice warm bathroom is a great luxury worth considering. In all reality, it will not raise the price of the bathroom by much if you are already doing a gut renovation in the bathroom.

Grey Porcelain Bathroom Design

Modern Grey Porcelain Bathroom Design in a Chelsea Loft Renovation


Product Coordination

I would think this is obvious, but all the fixtures and accessories need to coordinate. If there is anything I can assure you of about design, it is that good design is consistent. Below you can see the tub and shower fixtures, all of which have similar aesthetics.

Matching Plumbing Fixtures


Modern Textured Bathroom

This bathroom is modern and has texture. There is a wall mounted wood vanity with a simple white countertop. The tiles and vanities in the master bathroom are all from Porcelanosa, which has a great showroom on 5th Ave in the Flatiron District.

Chelsea Loft Bathroom Renovation

Chelsea Loft Bathroom Renovation


Adding a New Small Bathroom

We added a second bathroom next to the first one. This requires a lot of planning and logistics, as well as scrutiny from your building management.

In the new small bathroom we installed a shower, a small vanity, and a wall mounted toilet. We used smaller horizontally oriented tiles in this bathroom, with a bit of a warmer feel. The owner of the loft did not want to reconfigure the entire apartment just to add a bathroom, so we were a bit limited on the layout. There was not much space for this bathroom, as we were turning a closet into a bathroom. This resulted in very limited dimensions to work within, but we made it happen.

We have another post where you can read more about adding a bathroom to an NYC apartment.

New small bathroom

New small bathroom


NYC Loft Bathroom Renovation

NYC Loft Bathroom Renovation


New Laundry Closet

As I previously mentioned, adding a bathroom and a washer dryer requires a lot of planning and logistics, as well as scrutiny from your building management. The gentleman living in the apartment directly below happened to be an architect, so he wanted to see all of our drawings and review for soundproofing and waterproofing. I also met with him during construction to do a walkthrough and show him all the precautions that were being taken.

We have another post you can read if you want to hear more about adding a washer dryer to an apartment.

New Laundry Closet

New Laundry Closet


Chelsea Loft Quirky Décor

One thing I tell all my clients is: This is your apartment, you can do anything you want. My favorite piece of home décor in this loft was the giant chipmunk. For scale, that’s my blurred out figure in the picture and I am six feet tall. I think the Alvin could be a little creepy for some people, but I loved it. They have a lot of art, paintings, and sculpture that is unique to them. They really made it their home with this collection of art and quirky décor, expressing their personal taste.

Chelsea Loft Quirky Décor


Loft Renovations 

As an architect, I study design and construction, but these are complicated and quite involved issues. Every project is different and must be assessed on its own unique characteristics. This post does not assume to cover every possible issue or condition, but rather to provide a general overview of the topic.


Thank you for reading our blog post on this Chelsea Loft Renovation

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