Harlem Townhouse Design

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The following is a design for a new townhouse in Harlem NYC.

This was designed to be a modern take on the NYC Townhouse incorporating modern design, sustainability, and green space.

  • Modern Townhouse Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Green Space


Modern Townhouse Design

The townhouse is a modern version of the traditional New York City Townhouse. It is a four story walk up (of course you can add an elevator to a townhouse). The facade has 3 bays of windows as most townhouses following the general scale. Instead of building as a brownstone, we planned to use a more modern material: GFRC. This stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. These are precast concrete blocks that can be made into different textures and colors. We proposed two different colors, which can sometimes be seen on NYC townhouses.

The windows are wood to create contrast with the GRFC Townhouse Facade, add warmth, and include a little tradition in the design. The building does not have a cornice but there is a GFRC parapet. Since the townhouse has a green roof, we imagine the greenery overhanging the parapet and creating a visual affect of a green cornice. To further expand on the greenery, the facade has two planters built into the facade with wood paneling.


Harlem Townhouse Design

Harlem Townhouse Design


Sustainable Townhouse Design

Townhouse incorporates many sustainable design features and Passive House Design standards.

  • Photovoltaic Panels (Solar Power)
  • Green Roof
  • Mini Split HVAC
  • Instant Hot Water
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation
  • High Performance Windows and Doors
  • High R Value Insulation (Closed Cell)
  • Air Sealing
  • Durable Long Lasting Construction


NYC Townhouse Roof Deck

NYC Townhouse Roof Deck


Townhouse Green Roof 

The townhouse incorporates green spaces in the rear yard, green roof area, and facade.

Townhouse Green Design NYC

Townhouse Green Design NYC


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Jorge Fontan
Jorge Fontan

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