Loft Apartment Design Ideas in NYC

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In New York City the term Loft means an apartment in former manufacturing and commercial buildings that have been converted into residential use. These buildings are found all over New York City, but mostly in neighborhoods such as SoHo, Tribeca, Chelsea, NoMad, and the Flatiron District. Lofts have unique features and deserve architectural and interior design ideas that compliment their inherent architectural character.

I am Jorge Fontan, an architect in NY and owner of Fontan Architecture, a Manhattan based architecture firm. In this post, I want to look at a few lofts that we worked on in New York City and discuss some design ideas for loft renovations. I will go over some general tips from big picture items such as layout and major architectural elements, to interior design and decorating for lofts.

In New York, a loft is an apartment in a building that was originally built for commercial or industrial use and later converted to residential. There are many architectural features that we commonly see in lofts that one should consider when planning a loft renovation. Everyone has their own personal taste and how you deal with the details of a loft renovation will vary, but these are all items you need to think about when planning your loft design. Don’t worry if it seems like a lot, that’s what architects like us are for.


Open Plan

This first loft design idea should be the most obvious, but in case it is not, let’s discuss open plan lofts. An open plan means having a minimal amount of walls in a space. This usually results in an open kitchen, dining, and living room that are all one open area sometimes referred to as a “great room”. The single most awesome aspect of loft apartments is that they can be large open spaces. You should do everything you can to take advantage of the openness of a loft and create a space that feels vast and generous.

Having one large open space as the centerpiece of a loft apartment is great for social gatherings or lounging at home. It feels amazing to sit in a large open space and take it all in. This is really critical to take advantage of for a loft apartment design when you have the space.

Open Plan Loft Apartment Design

Open Plan Loft Apartment Design in SoHo


Open Kitchen

If you are going to make an open plan space, you will probably want an open kitchen. In fact, open kitchens are generally standard today, almost all of our clients want open kitchens. There are many ways to address an open kitchen in a loft but start with a few critical decisions. Do you want any of the following:

  • Kitchen Island
  • Peninsula
  • Counter Seating
  • Fully open or semi open kitchen

A kitchen is an integral part of home design, nowadays they’re often a bit larger than they used to be and people prefer to put them on display within the home. Open kitchens make the space feel larger but also allow for a more interactive and inclusive means of living.

Loft Open Kitchen Design

Loft Open Kitchen Design SoHo


Cozy Moments

A great contrast to an open plan loft is to have some small cozy moments or intimate spaces within the apartment. These can come in many forms such as a breakfast nook or as in the picture below a small sitting nook. Playing with the size of spaces relative to their use in this manner will add an extra layer to the overall design allowing you to function on different levels of scale within the space of your home. These types of areas create a more close experience as a relief from the overall openness of a large loft apartment.

White Loft Sitting Nook

White Loft Sitting Nook in a Tribeca Loft


Kitchen Counter Bar Stool Seating

It is very likely that you will want an open kitchen in your loft. With an open kitchen you will most likely have a peninsula or an island and can therefore incorporate stool seating. It is a small detail but one to consider as it will alter the function of the space. This can be a good place for breakfast and less formal situations like having a coffee or a glass of wine but you may prefer to do that in an alternate location.

Waterfall Kitchen Countertop

Waterfall Kitchen Countertop in a Tribeca Loft Apartment Design


Exposed Brick 

Exposed Brick is the most ubiquitous architectural feature of New York Lofts. Loft buildings were typically built with brick walls at the building perimeter. You may have exposed brick in your loft or you may not. It is very likely that some of the walls are brick even if they are covered with sheetrock or plaster. These finishes can be removed to reveal the brick below. It is always best to probe the walls first before committing to opening large portions of the walls. Exposed brick is almost synonymous with New York City Loft Design but some people do not like it. Of course you also have to consider the condition of the bricks, as in some buildings the brick may look better than in others.

Exposed Brick Loft NYC

Exposed Brick Loft NYC


Black Metal and Glass

Black Steel and Glass Doors are a great look for a loft. This will depend on how you use the space but in the example below you can see black steel and glass double doors with sidelights to a home office in a Chelsea Loft. We have another post you can see if you want to read more about Adding a Home Office.

Chelsea Loft Black Metal and Glass Doors

Chelsea Loft home office with Black Metal and Glass Doors


Industrial Hardware

Lofts have their origins in industrial buildings. It is therefore quite fitting to incorporate some industrial features. This is of course up to personal taste and is not for everyone but it can bring some nice details for someone looking to have a more industrial modern loft feel.

Industrial Modern Door Hardware

Industrial Modern Door Hardware in a NYC Loft in FiDi



Texture and material can add character to a space but this is very subjective. Material selection is very personal as everyone has a different vision for their own home, this is why as an architect I work closely with my clients to understand what will make them happy. I had a client who made her entire 4,000 square foot loft white as you have seen in this post. Whereas in the image below, my client bought an all white loft apartment and said “It feels like I’m living in a hospital.” We transformed the entire apartment into a concrete loft incorporating concrete into almost every room. Additionally, we used black steel and wood to add texture and play against the concrete. Of course, I am not telling everyone to build themselves a concrete apartment but I want you to understand there are lots of options when it comes to materials and if you like the look, it may be for you. You can see another blog post of ours with more on this Concrete Loft Apartment Renovation.

Concrete Loft NYC

Concrete Loft in the NYC Financial District.


Freestanding Tub

Lofts are usually on the larger side and may have large bathrooms. If not, you can always expand your bathroom or Add a New Bathroom if your building allows it. If you have the space, a freestanding tub can make a bathroom feel more grand and luxurious. It is a quite simple and beautiful element that adds a nice touch to the interior design.

Freestanding Tub Modern Bathroom Design

Freestanding Tub Modern Bathroom Design in a Tribeca Loft


Concrete Bathroom

A concrete bathroom is a very modern addition to a loft apartment design. We already looked at an apartment where we added concrete throughout the living spaces to add texture, this is the bathroom in the very same concrete loft apartment. A few things about concrete for a bathroom is that it can be dynamic and minimal at the same time. Concrete bathrooms are monolithic in that there are no seems, this is a very different look from tiles. There is not a single grout line in this entire bathroom, making concrete a very unique alternative to tile. The linear drain also adds a nice touch to the overall modern design.

Concrete Shower Walls and Floor

Concrete Shower Walls and Floor in a FiDi Loft


High End Modern Kitchen

If you are going to have an open kitchen you better make it nice. It is worth it to spend some money on high end appliances and cabinets for your loft apartment design. Keep it modern and go for quality, it will show in the end. Kitchens today are on display, they are an important part of the overall design of your home and will be a great point of interest. Kitchens are typically the most expensive space in the home and takes the longest to fabricate.

High End Modern Loft Kitchen Design

High End Modern Loft Kitchen Design (SoHo)


All White Loft Interiors

An all white apartment is not for everyone but some people love white interiors. The image below is of a loft apartment painted in all white and off whites. It has a very clean and simple look that provides an elegant feel in this 4,000 square foot luxury Tribeca Loft.

White Tribeca Loft Design

White Tribeca Loft Design


Dark Paint Color Loft Interior Design

We just saw an all white loft apartment design but here is an alternative with a darker colored bedroom in a SoHo loft. The grey walls set a mood and provides a completely different feel, the bed is made in black and white to compliment the grey bedroom design.

Modern Loft Bedroom Design

Modern Loft Bedroom Design in SoHo


Tall Modern Loft Doors

Tall doors go well with high ceilings, even if the ceilings aren’t so tall you can still try to put large doors in your loft, the bigger the better. In the photo below, we installed a door that was orange stained wood against a concrete wall but the material and color could be anything. The tall doors make the space feel more grand and is a very strong architectural move in a modern loft apartment design.

Tall Modern Loft Door Design

Tall Modern Loft Door Design New York Loft Apartment Design


Wide Plank Floors

A wide plank floor is a great look for a loft. The picture below is of a 10″ rift cut White Oak Floor. This is modern, simple, and elegant.

Loft Flooring Ideas - Wide Plank Floor

Loft Flooring Ideas – White Oak Wide Plank Floor in SoHo Loft


Keep It Simple

Keep it simple. Sometimes people try too hard when putting together their interior design, don’t over do it. The bedroom below has a simple clean white feel with long curtains that accentuate the high loft ceilings.

Simple Loft Bedroom Design

Simple Loft Bedroom Design (SoHo Loft)


Large Loft Wall Art

Lofts have large spaces with high ceilings giving you lots of bare walls to play with. These are great for hanging art. Lofts like the JLWQA lofts in SoHo and Tribeca were originally artist lofts. It is great to have a reference back to this history while decorating your home.

Loft Wall Art

Loft Wall Art


Accent Lights

Lighting can really set the mood and lofts are apartments that can handle quite a bit of mood. Adding accent lighting can be a great way to add a bit of drama to a space.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under Cabinet Lighting


Modern Bathroom Fixtures & Accessories

Lofts generally are a more luxurious and modern type of apartment. It is very appropriate to go with high end modern fixtures and accessories throughout your loft, especially in the bathroom.

Modern Concrete Bathroom Design NYC

Modern Concrete Bathroom Design NYC


Minimal Furniture Loft Decor

It may be better not to clutter up your loft. The furniture can be relatively minimal and there should be plenty of open space. The great thing about lofts is the openness, don’t fill it so much that it loses the open feel.

Furnishing a Loft in SoHo

Furnishing a Loft in SoHo


Modern Wall Niche Detail

There are many ways to add a little detail to a loft apartment. One example are wall niches shown in the image below. In this apartment the wall niches are used for plants which bring life and vibrancy to an otherwise all white loft. Small details and moments such as these can add to the overall design and enhance a space with a subtle extra touch of design.

Modern Wall Niche

Modern Wall Niche in a Tribeca Loft


Loft Apartment Design

Lofts have their own natural character but you must make it your own. Take your needs and wants as the first step to design and then move onto the aesthetic decisions. These choices will come from personal taste, project goals, budget, and your attitude to the loft’s own architectural features. As an architect, I study design and construction, but these are complicated and quite involved issues. Every project is different and must be assessed on its own unique characteristics. This post does not assume to cover every possible issue or condition but provide a general overview of the topic.


Thank You for Reading Our Blog Post on Loft Apartment Design Ideas

I hope this was helpful. If you would like to speak with an architect about a potential project you can contact us directly.


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Jorge Fontan
Jorge Fontan

This post was written by Jorge Fontan AIA a Registered Architect and owner of New York City architecture firm Fontan Architecture. Jorge Fontan has earned 3 degrees in the study of architecture including two degrees from the City University of New York and a Masters Degree in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. Jorge has a background in construction and has been practicing architecture for 20 years where he has designed renovations and new developments of various building types.