Magnetic Paint For Walls

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Using magnets, you can hang papers, reminders, photographs, and most certainly children’s drawings on the refrigerator. However, there are other options to create magnetic surfaces at home. One is using magnetic paint or primer to create a magnetic wall.


What is Magnetic Paint?

You can hang papers and photographs using kitchen magnets or other magnetic instruments on a wall with magnetic paint. Magnetic paint or magnetic primer makes the surface of a wall magnetic. This procedure can be applied in any space within a home that one wishes to magnetize, whether an entire wall or a small area, as a design accent. 

At Fontan Architecture we work on various project types including residential renovations. In this post, we will discuss magnetic paint, specifically referencing a project where we used magnetic paint in Brooklyn for a modern kitchen.


Magnetic Paints and Primers

Magnetic paints or magnetic primers are paints and primers that contain small amounts of iron dust that give them their magnetic qualities. They are applied as a base coat to a wall, which can later be painted over with a finish coat to achieve the desired color.

Magnetic Paint Primer

Rust-Oleum Magnetic Primer


Does Magnetic Paint Work?

Magnetic paint can easily hold papers and photos, but it has limitations. It is, for instance, less magnetic than a stainless steel refrigerator door. However, applying extra coats of magnetic primer can enhance the magnetic strength, adding more iron to your wall. For the best result, use at least three coats of magnetic primer to your wall before applying the final coat of paint.


Magnetic Kitchen Wall

The photograph below shows the kitchen of an apartment we designed a few years ago. These walls were painted with a magnetic primer so that our client, a mother, could have what she calls a “pride wall,” a space dedicated to displaying all of her children’s achievements, drawings, and photos. This wall was left black to work with the modern kitchen and dark cabinets, but a finish coat of paint could have been applied over the magnetic primer.


Magnetic Walls

Magnetic primers are a great way to feature drawings, photos, notes, etc., on your home’s walls. The wall otherwise can blend in with the rest of the house when not used for its magnetic purpose.

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Jorge Fontan

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