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The NYC Zoning Resolution has Use Groups to categorize buildings based on their use. NYC Zoning Use Group 18 is manufacturing uses. These uses are considered higher hazard or heavey manufacturing uses.


Zoning NYC Use Group 18

Certificate Of Occupancy for Use Group 18

Use Groups are listed on the Certificate Of Occupancy for a building. Use Group 18 has three categories. A Certificate Of Occupancy or CO for Use Group 18 would identify the use of spaces as:

  • 18A 
  • 18B
  • 18C

Use Group 18A Manufacturing Establishments

Use Group 18A consists of Manufacturing Uses.

  • Asphalt or asphalt products
  • Beverages, alcoholic or breweries
  • Brick, tile or clay
  • Cement
  • Charcoal, lampblack or fuel briquettes
  • Chemicals, including acetylene, aniline dyes, ammonia, carbide, caustic soda, cellulose, chlorine, carbon black or bone black, cleaning or polishing preparations, creosote, exterminating agents, hydrogen or oxygen, industrial alcohol, potash, plastic materials or synthetic resins, rayon yarns, or hydrochloric, picric, or sulphuric acids or derivatives
  • Coal, coke or tar products
  • Excelsior or packing materials
  • Fertilizers
  • Foundries, ferrous or non-ferrous
  • Gelatin, glue or size
  • Glass or large glass products, including structural or plate glass or similar products
  • Grain, milling or processing
  • Graphite or graphite products
  • Gypsum
  • Hair, felt, or feathers, bulk processing, washing, curing or dyeing
  • Incineration or reduction of garbage, offal or dead animals
  • Insecticides, fungicides, disinfectants, or related industrial or household chemical compounds
  • Leather or fur tanning, curing, finishing or dyeing
  • Linoleum or oil cloth
  • Machinery, heavy, including electrical, construction, mining, or agricultural, including repairs
  • Matches
  • Meat or fish products, including slaughtering of meat or preparation of fish for packing
  • Metal or metal ores, reduction, refining, smelting or alloying
  • Metal alloys or foil, miscellaneous, including solder, pewter, brass, bronze, or tin, lead or gold foil or similar products
  • Metal or metal products, treatment or processing, including enameling, japanning, lacquering, galvanizing or similar processes
  • Metal casting or foundry products, heavy, including ornamental iron work or similar products
  • Monument works, with no limitation on processing
  • Paint, varnishes or turpentine
  • Petroleum or petroleum products, refining
  • Plastic, raw
  • Porcelain products, including bathroom or kitchen equipment or similar products
  • Radioactive waste disposal services involving the handling or storage of radioactive waste
  • Railroad equipment, including railroad cars or locomotives
  • Rubber, natural or synthetic, including tires, tubes or similar products
  • Sewage disposal plants
  • Ship or boat building or repair yards, for ships or boats 200 feet in length or over
  • Soaps or detergents, including fat rendering
  • Steel, structural products, including bars, girders, rails, wire rope or similar products
  • Solvent extracting
  • Stock yards or slaughtering of animals or poultry
  • Stone processing or stone products, including abrasives, asbestos, stone screenings, stone cutting, stone work, sand or lime products, or similar processes or products
  • Sugar refining
  • Textile bleaching
  • Wood or bone distillation
  • Wood or lumber processing including sawmills or planing mills, excelsior, plywood, or veneer, wood-preserving treatment or similar products or processes
  • Wood pulp or fiber, reduction or processing, including paper mill operations
  • Wool scouring or pulling

Use Group 18B Storage and Miscelaneous:

  • Coal or gas storage
  • Dumps, marine transfer stations for garbage or slag piles
  • Electric power or steam generating plants
  • Explosives storage, when not prohibited by other ordinances
  • Gas manufacturing plants
  • Grain storage
  • Junk or salvage yards, including auto wrecking
  • Lumber yards, with no limitation on lot area
  • Manure, peat or topsoil storage
  • Petroleum or petroleum products, storage or handling
  • Refrigerating plants
  • Scrap metal, junk, paper or rags storage, sorting, or baling

Use Group 18C

Use Group 18C is for accessory uses to the other uses in Group 18.


Where Can You Build Use Group 18 in NYC?

Manufacturing Zoning Districts

Manufacturing Zones allow for Use Group 18

  • M3
    • M3-1
    • M3-2


NYC Zoning Use Group 18

As an architect, I study Zoning Codes closely, but these are complicated and quite involved issues. In this article, we reviewed some of the basic concepts with regards to the NYC Zoning Use Group 18. This post does not assume to cover every possible issue or condition, but provide a general overview of the topic.


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Jorge Fontan
Jorge Fontan

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