What Is a Maisonette Apartment?

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In New York, the term maisonette apartment is used to refer to any apartment on the ground floor that has an entrance accessible directly from the street. While the apartment may also be accessible from the lobby, if it has a private sidewalk entrance, it is a maisonette.

I am Jorge Fontan, New York architect and owner of Fontan Architecture. New York City real estate jargon can get pretty intense, therefore I want to provide a simple bit of clarity on what a Maisonette Apartment is and how this term is used in NYC Real Estate.


Maisonette Apartment Example

The picture below is an interior photo of a Maisonette Loft in SoHo. In this particular case, the apartment is a loft but that does not matter in this context. If you wish to learn more about lofts, feel free to read this post: The Architectural Characteristics of a Loft.

As pictured, there are double doors to the left of the living room that lead directly onto the street. This feature allows for a private entrance and exit and is not very common in multifamily buildings. This is essentially the  definition of a maisonette apartment in New York City Real Estate parlance.

This particular loft also has a separate entrance to the lobby and is a duplex, meaning it has two floors. With or without these features, the apartment is still considered a maisonette. As an architect in New York, I have certainly seen my fair share of lofts with a similar style.

Maisonette Loft Interior

Maisonette Loft in SoHo NYC Interior Photograph

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Jorge Fontan

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